Heart-Shaped LEDs

Heart-shaped LEDs

     My third microcontroller hobby project was dedicated to Jesus’ birthday since he helped me on my previous projects. I love lights so I created this simple project of mine. It is composed of 34 LEDs soldered in a heart shape figure. It comes in over 25 unique patterns. I utilized MikroC PRO for PIC for programming in C language. In line C coding was used here.

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Obstacle Avoider Mobile Robot

Curvy Obstacle Avoider Mobile Robot

     My second microcontroller hobby project is “Curvy”. He is an obstacle avoider mobile robot. Schematic diagram of his body is almost the same with “Cruddy” (Line Follower Mobile Robot) but his sensor PCB is far different from him. The programming language used here is still PIC Assembly Language also just like on Cruddy.

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Line Follower Mobile Robot

Cruddy Line Follower Mobile Robot and my Serial PIC Programmer

     This is my first Microcontroller Hobby Project. He is “Cruddy” my line follower mobile robot. I named him Cruddy because he’s quite a mess on his structure. It is my first time on building a robot so expect that my soldering skills are not yet that good. The chassis was from a remote controlled toy car. I removed its PCB and made a better PCB. Cruddy follows lines although quite slow to avoid exceeding the line. He moves backward when he exceeds the line. He is  a revision from our first project “MVGAT”, an obstacle and cliff avoider mobile robot. Although MVGAT didn’t functioned well because of sensor defects and power inaccurate design,  his sensor board was changed and few design revised thus Cruddy was made in to success. The PIC Programming Language used here was PIC Assembly.

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