Cruddy V.2 Line Follower Mobile Robot

Cruddy V.2 Line Follower Robot

     This is my 5th robot. He is Cruddy version 2. Still he is a line following robot but has  now abetter circuit design (originally designed by me) and has cool appearance 😀 This project doesn’t have any microcontroller. It is designed through digital logic gates only. I used two Light Dependent Resistors (LDR) as my sensors.

Main components used:
1. LM358
2. 78LS04 / Hex Inverter IC
3. L293D / H-bridge IC

     The driving system used here was Differential Drive System. No programming codes required only pure electronics and logic circuits.

I posted here the schematic I designed:

Here are some images taken during the making:


If you have any questions you can leave your comment below.
Before creating the project please give credits to me or inform me that you will be using this for your own use.


23 responses to “Cruddy V.2 Line Follower Mobile Robot

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    • Hi Shazi, the transistor is part of the voltage regulator for the circuit instead of using 7805 IC. You can use also 7805 voltage regulator IC but you have to use 9v battery. Then you will use different power supply for your motors, say 4 1.5AA batteries. On the circuit provided, the voltage produced by the circuit is only 5v from the main power 6v (4×1.5AA batteries).

  2. The whole circuit below is the voltage regulator. The left arrow is the positive terminal of the 4×1.5v AA batteries while the right arrow is the positive terminal output which is 5v.

  3. what procedure and items did you use to do the pcb etchings?
    looks awesome and the pcb looks neat
    kind regards

  4. We will using this for our project… can i ask why there is a resistor in the schematic you use in the video?? but in your picture there is no resistor??

    • Actually the green LED is not included in the original schematic posted because it’s not needed in the circuit. I made a revision at the later part and I placed there a resistor for a pair of LEDs. The PCB layout posted on the video was the PCB layout of the revised schematic.

      • we try to use 10k resistor and 110 resistor… is that right?? but still did not light up.. what values of resistor should i put in it?

  5. we used your schematic for our project but we have a problem. the four leds (green in your mobot) did not lit up. what do you think is the problem.

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