What is Computer Engineering?

This post will lead you to the video I created for a school presentation.

     Computer engineers solve a wide range of problems using computers; they design the microprocessors along with the hardware that goes in the computer and develop the software that controls the system. They also ensure computers communicate properly with one another. Computer engineers are equally at ease designing the hardware of systems powerful enough to execute complex tasks efficiently and developing the software to perform given tasks reliably.

Computer Engineers usually work on these fields:

  • Computer Hardware design
  • Computer applications engineer (biomedicine, robotics, process control)
  • Information processing technology
  • High-speed communication networks
  • VLSI chip design
  • Control systems
  • Robotics
  • Software Engineering
  • Graphics Designing

5 responses to “What is Computer Engineering?

  1. I have been programming and learning C++ for about 3 months and i am ready to go a little bit deeper. I want to be able to Understand micro processerrs. and circuits being able to build all the things on your site and some creations of my own. How would i go about finding this information?

  2. In the video it says visual effects designer. How will a computer engineer design visual effects for films?

    • Hi, some visual effects require a lot of analysis that normal designers can’t do themselves. Some optimizations are made by engineers to improve normal visual effects such as calculations. This is what makes us computer engineers unique from other effects designing experts.

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