Remote Controlled Energy Saving Fluorescent Lamp

     Finally, I had the time to update again this blog site. Here is another thesis project I helped my co-worker build and this time it is not powered by any microcontroller. This project is intended to replace currently used fluorescent lamps typically seen at homes, schools, office, etc. You might think this is just some typical fluorescent LEDs out there with external voltage source, ehrm.. no, you’re wrong! it can directly replace the fluorescent lamp on their slots and it is also remote controlled! It has it’s own regulated power supply. If you will look closely to the images you would see that it has a smaller part where there are no LEDs or light coming out and yes! the regulator circuit was squeezed there just to fit.

      So what is it made off? How did I design it? I did a little research and realized that it takes a year or even more to design an efficient power regulator. Well the time wasn’t on my hand so instead of designing it from scratch, I adopted a finished design and improved it. I based it on a switching regulator circuit from a china-made charger of a security cam. It is rated with 12v and 1.5A. Because of the switching regulator, it makes this product an energy saver. Unlike the Fluorescent Lamp that heats up, this is a little bit cooler because of its switching property although some parts of it still heats up like the diode.

I attached a block diagram explaining the principle behind the control circuitry. Thanks to wikipedia.