What is Computer Engineering?

This post will lead you to the video I created for a school presentation.

     Computer engineers solve a wide range of problems using computers; they design the microprocessors along with the hardware that goes in the computer and develop the software that controls the system. They also ensure computers communicate properly with one another. Computer engineers are equally at ease designing the hardware of systems powerful enough to execute complex tasks efficiently and developing the software to perform given tasks reliably.

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Heart-Shaped LEDs

Heart-shaped LEDs

     My third microcontroller hobby project was dedicated to Jesus’ birthday since he helped me on my previous projects. I love lights so I created this simple project of mine. It is composed of 34 LEDs soldered in a heart shape figure. It comes in over 25 unique patterns. I utilized MikroC PRO for PIC for programming in C language. In line C coding was used here.

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