What is Computer Engineering?

This post will lead you to the video I created for a school presentation.

     Computer engineers solve a wide range of problems using computers; they design the microprocessors along with the hardware that goes in the computer and develop the software that controls the system. They also ensure computers communicate properly with one another. Computer engineers are equally at ease designing the hardware of systems powerful enough to execute complex tasks efficiently and developing the software to perform given tasks reliably.

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SMS Controlled Car Alarm Security System

SMS Controlled Car Alarm Security System

     It’s been awhile that I have last posted my projects here since I have helped my friends build their Senior Year Design Project. Now, it is finally done and I will be so happy to share it here. The project is all about a cellphone that will inform the user through Short Message Service (SMS) when an intruder triggered the alarm. Using the AT Commands the serial communication with the phone and the microcontroller was made possible.

     The project comes into a case but temporarily removed for the presentation to the panel of judges since the case wont fit on the prototype.

     There are two ways of sending and receiving SMS messages: by text mode and by PDU (protocol description unit) mode. The text mode (unavailable on this phone) is just an encoding of the bit stream represented by the PDU mode. The phone used was Sony Ericsson T68i and the only mode supported is PDU mode. It was a headache at first since I can only see hexadecimal figures but as time goes by I got used to it.

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Shake Self-balancing and Light Following Robot

Self-balancing and Light Following Robot

     Shake is a robot inspired from a Segway (You can google it if you haven’t heard it yet). He is a self-balancing and light following robot. Most of the balancing robots use Gyrometers or Accelerometers or even both for a very good accuracy but since I don’t have enough funds to have them I decided to use Light Dependent Resistors.

     The concept of its action is the same with the line follower mobile robot. When the light is received by the LDR then it tells the robot that it is near to the floor. Two LDRs are used on its front and back. When the back LDR doesn’t receive any light then the robot will move forward. When the front LDR doesn’t receive any light then the robot will move backward. It is stable when both LDRs are receiving light.

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