Remote Controlled Surveillance Mobile Robot with IP Cam

Remote Controlled Surveillance Mobile Robot

     The project is built by Team Stark. Gilbert (myself :D) as the leader and my subordinates Martin and Janssen. I divided the tasks in 3 parts. First is the camera control, Log-in database, installer and network setup which was assigned to Martin. The second part was assigned to Janssen and his main tasks are mainly in the mechanical (gears, tracks, etc.) and production of the robot (physical design, mounting, space management, bolts, etc.) making it organized inside and a stunning looking outside. I assigned myself to the last tasks which are designing the circuitries, simulating, programming the microcontroller, programming Visual Basic for serial communication, building PCBs (ironing, etching, slotting, soldering, etc.). With teamwork, cooperation, team handling and good communication we were able to finish the project in less than 2 months.

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